Fairfax Technologies is an innovative company with a vision of leveraging the power of advanced technologies to deliver world-class process improvements and organization transformations to our clients. Fairfax Technologies is partly owned and strongly supported by a U.S based private equity firm which brings experience, strategic advice and financial support.

Fairfax Technologies has significant experience as systems integrator and implementer, especially since it is a leading SAP partner in Eastern Africa and has implemented the complete suite of SAP’s products by deploying its SAP certified professionals. Furthermore, Fairfax Technologies has SAP certified Education Center. It is also 100% staffed with Ethiopian professionals. This has allowed its clients in Ethiopia to build capacity efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

Fairfax Technologies has a proven track record implementing product with other partners including Oracle as well as banking industry applications of various internationally recognized technology companies. Furthermore, Fairfax Technologies is a Gold Partner of Oracle.

Fairfax Technologies delivers real value to our clients by anticipating and addressing their challenges. Advising and helping clients requires a detailed knowledge of their industries. Thus, the approaches, methodologies and skills of Fairfax Technologies are tailored to the characteristics of each industry. Our Professional services include the following:

•    Systems Implementation
•    Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
•    Technology Consulting Services
•    Education Center

By combining its industry expertise, technology consulting and outsourcing services, it can offer integrated world-class solutions to its clients. Fairfax Technologies collaborates with private and public sector clients to deliver solutions tailored to their sector and geography. Some of the sectors we focus on include banking, manufacturing, construction, transportation, logistics, public and NGOs.

Due to a series of large successful deals, Fairfax Technologies is honored to announce that it has received the SAP 2015 East Africa MDs Awards and is the only SAP Gold Partner in Ethiopia. Fairfax Technologies is proud by this recognition and major milestone. It will continue to build on this success so as to make Fairfax Technologies one of the finest and most reliable IT solutions provider in East Africa.

Capital Ethiopia, June 12, 2016